Maven 11 is following a thorough top down investment philosophy in building a diversified portfolio. Maven 11 invests in any stage, but with a focus on the early stages. We act on our vision by supporting portfolio companies with our resources and network.

Recent investments

Nash is a non-custodial exchange for digital assets. They combine a distributed off-chain matching engine with on-chain trade settlement. In addition, their payment solution provides easy digital asset conversion for online merchants.

Radix is a platform for the creation, transfer, and storage of digital assets and applications. It is capable of over 1 million TPS. Radix has proven this by replaying the entire 10 years of Bitcoin’s transaction history on the Radix ledger in one hour.

bloXroute is a blockchain agnostic scaling solution. It solves the scalability bottleneck at its core: at the network layer. This solution makes the propagation of blocks more efficient, resulting in increased transaction throughput.

Dusk is a blockchain protocol that provides regulatory compliant privacy and auditibility in transactions. Dusk provides a protocol which combines all these features into a security token standard, which can be issued on the Dusk platform.

Other investments