Maven 11 is a pioneer investment firm focusing solely on blockchain / distributed ledger technology (DLT). We do this by investing in tokens, digital currencies and early stage equity.

Our strategy is based on fundamental research and takes a long-biased approach, leveraging strong industry connections and using qualitative as well as quantitative data for portfolio optimization and risk management. We invest in blockchain / DLT projects in any stage. That means we buy digital assets on the market when we see a significant opportunity, as well as invest in seed stage opportunities to increase our exposure to asymmetric returns. In case of seed stage investments we take an active VC approach.

Having invested and built an extensive network in this industry for years, we are very well positioned to discover, select and connect to promising teams developing disruptive emerging technologies.

Maven 11 is registered and fully compliant with local regulators and takes pride in a very ethical approach to investing.


If you are a Family Office or other professional investor and want to know more, please contact us.

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