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As of November 1st CryptoCrunch continues as Maven 11 Capital. This rebranding is a logical step in the journey we’ve made so far and illustrates our vision and ambition going forward.

In 2011, while looking for alternative financial systems as an answer to the financial crisis at that moment, we stumbled upon bitcoin. We got hooked instantly and the more we dove into the blockchain rabbit hole, the more our conviction grew that this is going to be a disruptive technology. One thing let to another and we’ve been investing in bitcoin and blockchain projects since then.

It was in 2015 that we decided to continue as professional investors. We improved our investment thesis and intensified investments. Above all we started building a fund infrastructure to onboard external investors. This fund was launched early 2017 as the first official blockchain focussed fund in the Netherlands and to our knowledge one of the first in Europe.

Accelerated by the bull market of 2017, things evolved rapidly from there. Beside onboarding multiple investors, researching hundreds of projects, building our network in the expanding industry, we also built our own team of analysts to keep up with all the work. Despite the bear market in the last 8 months, we continued to strengthen our company of which adding a partner (Balder) with a strong financial background is a perfect example.

From a market perspective, up until now 2018 has been the complete opposite of 2017. Besides the implosion in valuations the dynamics for investors have also changed dramatically. Whereas in 2017 all projects (the good as well as the bad) were accessible for the broad public though ICO’s, today the promising projects are mainly funded in a closed setting with strategic investors. As an investment firm we adapted to this changing dynamic. Instead of participating in public sales, today we’re involved in early stage investment opportunities and are able to support ventures by leveraging our knowledge, network and access to (more) capital. We combine this “venture capital” activity with professional management of our portfolio on the markets to optimise performance.

This new, improved and future-proof setup goes far beyond investing or trading in cryptocurrencies, so we decided to move away from the name CryptoCrunch and rebrand. That’s were Maven 11 Capital was born. This new name combines our ambition (Maven means trusted expert) with a nice reference to the year 2011 when we first discovered and became part of an exciting future.  


Joost, Jochem & Balder